I can literally feel it in the air, Autumn will be upon us soon and I couldn’t be more excited (although this week we’re meant to be temporarily back to Summer but I’ll ignore that!).

Most of my friends are lamenting the end of Summer, whereas me, I can’t wait. I love Autumn and Winter; September, October, November and December, in particular, are my favourite months of the year. Why?! I hear you exclaim in horror (I kid you not I’ve actually had people act horrified when I’ve said this before now). So here are my reasons why:

1. Jumpers!

The onset of Autumn means the onset of Jumper season. I think jumpers are my favourite item of clothing because they’re just so darn cosy. Someone once told me that I had an impressive jumper collection and, to be honest, that’s not far from the truth. I own a fair few jumpers in a variety of different colours and yet I still can’t resist adding to my collection every year. It drives Jamie insane but I can’t help it. Feel like I should set up a jumper fan club. Anyone else with me?

2. Autumn is just so beautiful.

I love the colour of the trees when the leaves turn. All those reds, oranges and yellows just look so stunning to me. I love nothing better than to take a walk through the woods in the Autumn and admire it all. I definitely get that from my Mum. She’s always loved the Autumn colours and I feel like it’s a proud link I share with her. I can’t wait to share it more with Noah this year. Once the leaves start to fall we plan to go and collect some to make Autumn sun catchers. I’m hoping it’ll be a fun project for us to do together.

3. Hot baths

As most people who know me know, I love a good bath. But often in the Summer it’s just too hot to contemplate stepping into a hot tub of water and cool baths just don’t do it for me. In the winter, I love nothing more than stepping in from the cold of the outdoors and warming up in a nice hot bubble bath. Such an amazing feeling. There’s a reason our water bill often soars come Winter!

4. Hot Chocolate

And following on the theme of hot stuff, I can’t resist a good hot chocolate. Nothing better than cosying up on a cold evening, with a blanket, your favourite TV show and a steaming mug of hot chocolate in hand. When I’m drinking HC I know Autumn has truly arrived.

5. Candles

I often light candles all year round because I love the smell but sometimes in the Summer they become a bit redundant when windows get thrown open. In the Autumn I love nothing more than seeing & smelling some scented candles fluttering away. It just adds to the cosiness!

6. Christmas soon!

One of the big reasons I love the onset of Autumn so much is because it’s then I start to think “oooh it’ll be Christmas soon!”. Not to mention I love the fun of Halloween and Bonfire Night too. I’ve always been a big kid but now I have a child of my own, it’s even more enjoyable.

7. Let it snow!

And last but not least I get incredibly excited at the potential prospect of snow! Last year was very disappointing when it came to the pretty white stuff but hopefully this year it’ll be snowmen and snowball fights galore come the Winter! I can’t wait to see Noah’s face if he wakes up one day to a Winter Wonderland!

So those are some of my main reasons for loving Autumn and Winter. What are your favourite seasons of the year and why?

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