If Toddlers Ruled the World

Sometimes, when I’m bored, I get thinking random thoughts. Today it’s “what would happen if toddlers were in charge?”. So I compiled this list quite literally thinking as a toddler would:

1) Cups of tea would be out and milk would be in. Why do adults drink that yucky brown stuff for? Milk is way yummier and perfect for calming people. Works on me when I’m having a bad day anyway…

2) No more baths! Or at least not the boring shampooing and cleaning part of the bath. Don’t be coming at me with that flannel…. I just want to splash!!!

3) Veggies would be illegal. No seriously present me with that broccoli and I’m presenting you with some handcuffs…

4) No limited screen time. CBeebies, Disney Jr, Frozen, Moana….I want it all and I want it NOW!

5) The word no would be banned. Why do grown ups keep saying no? No you can’t watch more TV, no we can’t go to the park at night, no you can’t play with that plug socket. Just a bunch of kill joys. So from now on everything is YES. Live a little….

6) Toys would be free and plentiful for all. This is a no brainer. If everyone had an endless supply of toys then they would be happy forever! Maybe growed ups wouldn’t be so grumpy if they had Beat Bo to dance with!

7) Chocolate would be an essential part of our daily diet. With veggies now banned we need another substance to take over instead. Chocolate is the ultimate health food. Who needs studies to confirm that when it tastes so yummy. And it gives me so much energy…..

8) Tidiness and Cleanliness would become obselete. Nothing worse than when you’re having lots of fun and some killjoy, a.k.a “Mum”, comes along and ruins it for you by tidying up. Nope toys should just be left everywhere. Saves precious time wasted getting them back out again the following day! And if my dinner leftovers aren’t cleaned off the floor then that could provide me with a handy snack when required! No need to ask!

9) Bedtimes would also be illegal. No explanation necessary for this one. Bedtimes kill fun. Period.

10) Bouncing on the bed would be an Olympic sport. Boing! Boing! Boing! See this is way more fun than the boring runners going round and round and round. And best of all….the gold medals are made of chocolate!

These are a few things that I think might change if toddlers were in charge. Can you think of any more?

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