Kylie & 42nd Street

Well this week has been a pretty busy week but the definite highlight was Wednesday and my day in London with a dear family friend.

This day was a looong time in the planning. As big Kylie Minogue fans, we jumped at the chance to book tickets for her latest “Golden” tour. And, to make the most of the trip to London, Robin decided to book us matinee tickets to see 42nd Street!

I have to admit that I didn’t really know the story of 42nd Street before going in as I deliberately wanted to be a blank canvas but it blew me away. The plot basically centres around a cast putting on a performance of a show called ‘Pretty Lady’ directed by the infamous Julian Marsh. Peggy Sawyer arrives, late for auditions, but manages to secure a role in the chorus with her great dancing talents and famous actress Dorothy Brock takes the lead, although less talented. The plot basically follows the trials and tribulations of planning the performance as well as the ins and outs of the casts love lives. The performances of all the cast were outstanding, especially that of Bonnie Langford as Dorothy Brock who surprised me with her exceptional singing voice as well as her comedic timing. The dance numbers were spectacular and if you love some catchy, sparkle-filled, musical numbers then this show is definitely worth checking out!

Soon the evening arrived and it was time for the main event….Kylie! We arrived around half 6 and, as I’d signed up beforehand, we got to use the Sky Backstage bar and this was a great experience. We queued up to get our free glitter make up and then headed to the bar. I, of course, had to sample the “all the lovers” cocktail especially designed for the occasion. It was very yummy, like a strawberry daiquiri.

All glittered up!
It didn’t feel like we’d been relaxing long in the Sky Backstage area before it was time to take our seats. There was no support act, just three guys DJing away with enthusiasm, dancing away. The cheers when Kylie finally emerged were immense. The concert was half an hour late starting but all was quickly forgiven. She was awesome as per usual. The country theme of Golden was great fun, Kylie looked stunning in her outfit choices and there was a great mix of new and old song choices. All in all an incredible night was had. Though I ached afterwards from all the dancing! I also don’t think I’ve ever seen so much glitter in all my life! And I loved it!

The stadium filling up

Now we’re already thinking ahead to when Kylie tours again. Somehow I think we will definitely be there!

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