Reasons my toddler has tantrums…

1) I won’t let him play with the bin.

2) I dared to eat my own breakfast/lunch/dinner/snack without sharing.

3) I put the wrong shoes on him. He wanted his trainers NOT the boots.

4) I tried to brush his teeth.

5) I asked him if he’d finished his food.

6) I wouldn’t let him rearrange my friend’s furniture.

7) He couldn’t climb on the toilet with me whilst I was using it.

8) I tried to get him to eat vegetables.

9) I changed his nappy.

10) I wouldn’t let him play with said dirty nappy.

11) He pulled the plug out of the bath and all the water drained out.

12) I wouldn’t let him play with the washing powder or other cleaning products.

13) He wasn’t allowed to touch the hot oven.

14) I wiped his nose.

15) I picked him up from nursery.

16) I tidied up his toys.

17) I took away his empty dinner plate.

18) I gave him a hug.

19) I gave his Daddy a kiss and a hug.

20) I wouldn’t let him have the whole 3 seater sofa to himself.

Feel free to add your own below!

One thought on “Reasons my toddler has tantrums…

  1. Tantrums we’ve had this morning were provoked by not being able to go outside in Grandad’s slippers, and not being able to wear his big brothers’ shoes to the park! He’s obsessed with other people’s shoes at the moment! We also have regular protests at grapes having to be cut in half before he can eat them… to name a few!

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