Jäger Bombs & Snotty Noses

So this week has been a pretty quiet one, mainly because poor Noah has been poorly with a nasty virus. Tuesday we ventured out to town on a shopping trip in an effort to get me out. My anxiety levels have been pretty intense lately and being stuck at home just makes it worse but a bit of retail therapy always helps!

I had every intention of doing a bit of shopping and getting the bits on my list and then taking Noah to a sing and rhyme session at the local library. However, he was in a foul mood, resisting napping and I decided that I wouldn’t subject the other Mums and children to my grumpy, snotty toddler. So I decided to annoy fellow shoppers instead. Later in the day we headed home with 3 pairs of new shoes, my first ever hoodie purchase in years (I know, shocking!) and some other bits and pieces. My favourite purchase I think is my Faith slip on trainers in a sparkly rose gold shade. I love wearing them already and just looking down and seeing my feet sparkle cheers me up. I’m just a human magpie really, it’s all about the sparkle.

Wednesday was unfortunately a working day and that night Noah was at his worst with his virus, poor thing. He just kept coughing all night so neither of us got much sleep; hence why Thursday turned into a lazy day. We just chilled out, watched Frozen (for the gazillionth time), did some colouring and generally relaxed. Until, after his nap and lunch, I noticed he was increasingly chesty and wheezy. My brain went into hypochondriac mode thinking “is he struggling to breathe?” “do we need to see a doctor?” and, in the end, I decided that safe was better than sorry. After a phone call with the 100 year old receptionist (I swear that’s not much of an exaggeration), an appointment with a lovely sympathetic doctor who tried to reassure me that I’m not crazy and neurotic, it was deduced that Noah just had a particularly nasty virus and I just needed to keep an eye on his breathing. He’s on the mend slowly but still sounds pretty phlegmy and crackly. The wheeze keeps coming and going, making me nervous, but hopefully the virus will b*gger off soon.

Yesterday he seemed well enough to go to his Grannie and Grandad’s as planned and Jamie and I headed out to a wedding reception. We had a ball of a time with wine, vodka and too many jager bombs till, with a sudden realisation as I made a quick dash to the ladies, I realised that drinking probably doesn’t combine all that well with my anti-depressants. Never the less I had great fun being taught how to floss by the kids/teenagers (I wasn’t the best pupil) and making a tit of myself trying to do the macarena. All in all a really good evening. Oh and yes, the bride looked beautiful of course.

Today I’m not TOO hungover, more just knackered which doesn’t mix well with an energetic toddler. Currently he’s napping as I write this and Jamie is watching the formula one, the sound of which is drilling into my brain. Only 8 laps of this fresh hell remaining….Once Noah’s done napping we’ll probably take him down to the playground to be big kids and attempt to wear him out. Great fun!